Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Small victories

Have you had any small victories lately? You know the ones I'm talking about - you get out and do something you've been scared to do, or you have an unexpectedly fluent language moment, or you discover a new local hangout - anything. 


Photo c/o William Murphy
My latest was at our local flea market - bargaining makes me irrationally nervous, not to mention bargaining in another language! But there was this book that I really wanted to buy and so I bit the bullet and bargained it down to 2 euros! It's so easy to shy away from challenges when you are abroad - everything is just so much harder than normal and I often think "I'll cut myself some slack and skip that.." but really, it's worth it to push through that fear, the results are never as scary as I think, and usually I get something excellent out of it - like the fantastic vintage book about the Bavarian alps that I carried home from that flea market.

I think it's so important to celebrate those moments, even if they might seem so banal to non-expats or more experiences wayfarers abroad. Have you had any recent small victories?

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