Monday, March 5, 2012

Mini Mission # 1 - Buy some Bread

Your first mission in the Wayfarer's Handbook is to get out of the house, and buy some bread!

Every country has its own bread specialty - from tortillas to pide to baguette. But actually lining up at the bakery with all the locals and picking something out - in the native language, with a zillion choices, and often impatient customers in line behind you - this mission might seem much too hard for a beginner. But I speak from experience - you can do it!

Here's what to do: figure out which bakery you want to visit, and freshen up your language skills beforehand.

You'll want to know how to say at least the number one, please and thank you. Then - head out! Remember - pointing is a totally acceptable form of ordering, and holding out your open hand full of change is a great way to pay if you can't understand how much you owe. Pretty soon, you will be waltzing back home with a freshly baked loaf (or pagnotta, or Laib) - and who knows, maybe you'll become a regular!

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