Monday, March 26, 2012

Mini Mission # 7 - Go to the Doctor's

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Going to the doctor's office in a foreign country is nothing if not intimidating. From the logistics to the language barrier of describing your ailment - it's stressful! But our mini missions are here to challenge you, so here's where you get over your fears and do it. 

Your mission today: take care of one item on your to-do list that's medically related. Maybe you've been meaning to renew a prescription, get an ailment checked out, or get your teeth cleaned at the dentist. If not, everyone needs a yearly checkup! Even if you don't have anything that you need to get checked out by a doctor, it's still a good idea to scope out the nearest viable medical professional and familiarize yourself with the procedures. 

So take the best approach to an unknown situation abroad: dive right in. Walk into your local doctors office and ask to be seen. Or call your insurance and find out how your billing works. Or pick up the phone and make an appointment. If language is a problem, pantomime is an excellent tool. Don't be ashamed about bringing your dictionary along, but remember, you'll be just fine without it! 

You'll be surprised just how much sitting for hours in a waiting room with a bunch of locals will make you feel like a (soon to be healthier) old pro.

What steps did you take toward bettering your health? Are you prepared for your next battle with the flu? 

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