Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mini Mission # 6 - Watch TV

Tatort is a long running German crime show with a cult following.
Photo via Tangram
Generally, getting out of your apartment and experiencing life is one of the main goals of this blog. But sometimes, it's rainy. Or you're sick. Or you just don't feel like it. And that's ok too! On those days, hunker down and watch some TV. But here's the catch. For this mission, watch some local TV.

This mission is an easy one. Flip on your TV and watch something. Anything! The news, a dubbed sitcom, a documentary. Extra points if you watch the whole show. If you don't have a TV, watch a show online or head to a local bar and watch the TV there (see also "become a regular") Don't worry too much about understanding everything. Remember, just like the go to the movies mission, this is not about getting the entire plot - just cuddle up on the couch and bask in the glow of your confusion.

Once you've mastered turning on the TV every now and then, find a show you like and watch it often. Don't miss a show! Once you've found "your show" you'll have an instant conversation topic with your new local friends - or at least they'll have something to laugh at you about in case your favorite is a cheesy reality TV show.

What show did you watch? Are there any local television series that have you hooked?

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  1. I've always wanted to go to a Tatort viewing in a bar! Maybe I'll make it my (mini) mission to do so some day soon...


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