Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mini Mission # 8 - Take Public Transit

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Public transit can be intimidating, especially if you've just moved to a new city. Subway maps often make transit systems look like terrifying mazes and buying the right ticket and getting off at the right stop can be more than overwhelming. But public transit is an expat's best friend! It saves us from needing to get a car, and is a great way not only to get where we need to go but also puts us smack dab in the middle of the public scene - people watching, eavesdropping on conversations, reading ads - all of these things can help with language learning and cultural adjustment.  

Convinced yet? This mission is all about getting comfortable on public transit. If you've never taken any form of transit in your city, head to the internet or the nearest information point and grab a map and a fee schedule. If you live in a city with, say, just one local bus route or a mishmash of taxis - grab a local and pick their brain about how to use the system. Otherwise, get yourself a ticket and get moving! (hint - if you're buying your ticket from a machine - try saying no to English!) If you've already used public transit, your mission is to up the ante and do something you haven't before - maybe you've already used the subway, but you've been too nervous to take a bus? Now's the time! What about looking into getting a monthly transit card so that you don't have to buy tickets every time you want to go somewhere? All of these things will take you closer to feeling like a true local. So get moving!

What form of public transit did you try out? Are you already an expert?

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