Monday, March 12, 2012

Mini Mission # 3 - Eat Something Weird

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Even the most adventurous eaters have a food that is popular in their new home, that they wouldn't dare to eat. Leberwurst? Durian? Haggis? Well in this challenge, your job is to eat one of those foods. Maybe you don't have to start with the scariest of foods. But branch out!

Here's what you do: head to your local grocery store, and roam the aisles. Pick up a few items that look mysterious or even slightly scary. Bonus points if you order something from the deli counter. Buy your mystery item(s) and head back to the safety of your home to give your new item a try. If it's awful, there's no shame in spitting it out and brushing your teeth. But who knows? Maybe those Botamochi or that Mole sauce will become your favorite new dish (this happened to me with Leberwurst!). And if not? At least you can say you tried - and you will know what to avoid on the menu next time.

If you are feeling extra brave, try this mini mission at a restaurant, and pick an item randomly off the menu. Enjoying your mystery eats? What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? Is there any dish that seemed totally strange to you when you arrived in your new home, that now seems totally normal?

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