Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mini Mission # 2 - Go to the movies

Photo c/o xjuggler
This mission is all about getting out there and being totally ok with not understanding what's going on. Going to a movie in another language can seem really intimidating, but it's actually a great way to practice your language skills in the comfort of a dark room full of strangers. As a little bonus, you have to practice buying tickets and snacks too. 

Here's what you do: find the nearest movie theater and check out their schedule. Choose a movie appropriate to your language skills - if you're a true beginner, choose a children's animated film, or even something you've already seen that has been dubbed in the local language! You can either go alone or with a buddy - maybe even a local friend so you can whisper plot related questions at them throughout the movie, although sitting alone in the theater means that you don't have to admit to anyone that you have no idea what's going on. Action movies are often light on dialog as well. Once you've made your choice, head to the theater and purchase your tickets. Extra credit for successfully ordering gobs of unhealthy snacks (you've earned it!). And now - sit back and enjoy. 

In this mission, your goal should not be to understand the whole (or even any) of the movie. Your aim should be to watch the pretty pictures and get really comfortable with not knowing what is going on. It's ok to not understand! Once you have mastered the art of being comfortably oblivious, your life in your new home will become much easier. Of course watching a movie is great language practice, so don't be afraid to use those language skills if you have them! But don't hang on every missed word - a general gist is absolutely a commendable achievement. After the film is over, take a deep breath - the dubbing may have been horrible, but now you can stop turning down all your local friends' invites to the cinema!

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  1. This one is so good cuz I agree 100% that you just have to get used to not having any idea what's being said around you. That's just how it is for a while, and it's even kinda fun!


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