Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mini Mission # 16 - Visit the Market

Markets are the first place I visit when I arrive in a city. They are my absolute favorite way to get an exclusive (and delicious!) glimpse into local life. But buying stuff at the market? Way. Scary. Similar to buying bread, purchasing items at the market can be pretty darn terrifying. The vendors talk quickly, there are hoards of people standing in line behind you, and there are no convenient price tags. But successfully obtaining the ingredients for a lovely picnic at the market - that is one fantastic feeling.

For this mission, head out to your local market - if you're brave, pick the loudest most bustling one - and buy some great food for an afternoon picnic or your evening dinner. Required language skills are minimal - you'll need your numbers, the names of a few food items and your good old pointing finger. If you visit the market often, you might even become a regular!

Was your market excursion successful? Which stand is the most intimidating? For me, it's the meat vendor!

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