Monday, April 23, 2012

Mini Mission # 15 - Order In

A telephone call in a foreign language is a terrifying thing. All the usual helpful nonverbal cues are missing and it's just you, the handset, and the voice at the other end of the line. This mission is meant to introduce you to the world of making a phone call in a foreign language in a controlled environment, and the bonus is that you can to enjoy some delicious delivery food as a reward.

The first step for the mission is to choose your delivery restaurant, find the menu online (or scan the pile of paper ones that surely land in your mailbox weekly), and choose what youd like to order. Refresh your vocabulary with numbers, the word for delivery and your address, and dial that phone! Don't worry, you'll do just fine - order what you'd like, hang up, and double cross your fingers that you got the message across. You'll find out when your order arrives at your door (or not!). 

Were you able to successfully order food? What is your favorite take out cuisine? In Germany, I like to order Thai food or Sushi for a change of pace...

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