Monday, April 9, 2012

Mini Mission # 11 - Turn on the Radio

Love this family listening to the radio. Image via Otrcat
Radio is a fantastic thing. Listening to the radio in your home abroad will not only provide you with musical entertainment, it will also help you learn gobs about the musical preferences of the locals, keep you informed about current events, keep your language skills up to par and give you a window into the weird quirks of your country (in Germany, part of the traffic report lists items lying on the side of the road! Can you believe that? It's hilarious).

For this mission, turn on the radio, and listen. Maybe you can even find a favorite channel? Get to know the local hit music, try to catch snippets of the news, and impress your friends that you've memorized the lyrics of the latest pop single. And ENJOY!

Do you listen to the radio? Does your home country have a weird local radio quirk?

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