Friday, April 6, 2012

Fearless Friday

vintage butcher picture
Check out this vintage butcher's shop! Image via
Can you believe it's Friday again already? This week just flew by. Today is a holiday in Bavaria - what about your neck of the woods? For Fearless Friday this week, I ordered a specific cut of meat from the meat counter - specifically, rib eye steak. I know it sounds silly, but I find the meat counter to be SO intimidating (much less so than the bakery!), especially because I usually have no idea about the appropriate culinary vocabulary! But actually, it went really well - I got what I needed (yum!) and the butcher was really friendly. I'll have to try the fish monger next!

What did you tackle on Fearless Friday? Share your brave undertakings here in the comments or on twitter with the #fearlessfriday hashtag!

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